Everyone can Benefit from a Few Guitar Lessons

Decades ago, few people took guitar lessons as there were very few teachers. And once the instrument was supposedly mastered, even though they played with a “wrong” technique, they didn’t feel the need for formal instruction.

No matter how good someone thinks they are, everyone can get something out of a few guitar lessons, they just have a good beginner guitar. Whether it’s learning a new way to transition from chord to chord or a better way to hold the instrument to make chords easier to play, a little help never hurts.
Everyone can Benefit from a Few Guitar Lessons
As guitars gained in popularity, teaching methods varied as did learning methods. A lot of players shunned guitar lessons for the sake of buying a chord book and practicing playing the chords as pictured. When they got their hands on sheet music and guitar tablature they would teach themselves to switch chords on their own, and they felt it would be a waste of money to pay for guitar lessons.

Years later as the music changed to become more complicated many may wish they had taken a few guitar lessons if for no other reason but to learn a little about music theory. There’s a vast difference between learning to play a song while listening to it, referred to as playing by ear, and reading or even writing music.

Teachers Were Often Musicians First 

People who offered to give guitar lessons were usually accomplished musicians with little or no teaching skills. They tended to be a little grumpy if you had trouble understanding what they were trying to teach you. Today they are generally more than just guitar players trying to earn money between playing gigs. They are teachers serious about their profession and teach more music theory, with patience, while they teach you where the notes are on the fret board.

For those beginners who may be too embarrassed to face a teacher, there are numerous online guitar lessons to take that fear away. You can learn enough to seem like you know what you’re doing and then take a few face-to-face lessons if it makes you feel better and less embarrassed.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to take guitar lessons on line or from a certified teacher. Guitar lessons are only as good as the student and their personal dedication to learn how to play. It may take only a few months to learn how to play the guitar but it will take years of dedicated practice to master it.

The Common Foot Injures Of Nurses Related To Shoes


01The number one function of shoes is to protect the feet. However, people nowadays are only interested in aesthetics without paying attention to its protection. The result is that there a lot of nurses suffering foot pain, sprains and many other diseases by wearing unsuitable shoes while standing or walking too long.

Research in the US shows that 72% of Americans do not wear the correct size. Among them are nearly 40% who have foot problems caused by shoes. Consequently, one third of them suffer foot injures which requires a surgery and one fifth shall take some treatments.

The researchers divided the human foot into 5 categories, each of which has a different characteristic. Egyptian type has longest big toe. Greek type has longest second toe (this is the standard foot and easy selection for the most shoes). Square type has the second and third toe equal. Two most troublesome types are the mix type with 5 pop-up toes and type like prehistoric man has the big toe turning inwards. Besides, the ligaments, tendons heel of each person also has different lengths.

Because feet have different types with specific characteristics, nurses need to know some rules when buying shoes. Common types of foot injures are: Egyptian Foot problems are often from the big toe. Mixed foot, foot like prehistoric man wearing slippers regularly will have calluses, distorted toes, hurt the sole of the foot and nails,

The foot whole sole turns outward tunnel usually suffers numb from the ankle to toe, even spread to the knees. The foot whose arch is quite curved often causes scratches which are easy to get infected at damaged area. In addition, nurses who have small feet but a tremendous body are also very common with foot injures because the foot cannot bear the force of the body’s gravity. Small feet with a larger pair of shoes also cause injures because the feet have to use too much effort to stabilize the body.

Now, the question is there is any solution for nurses’ footwear before they have to get injures. The answer is yes, directly from the type of shoes they wear while working. One of the top nursing shoes for women is Skechers women’s premium premix slip on sneaker. With the material of leather and rubber sole, supportive air cushion at the heel, polished hardware and perforated panels, Skechers women’s premium premix slip on sneaker do support the nurses for all actives without causing any harm to them. This is also the favorite choice of many nurses because of its fashionable design with the white colors, bringing to the nurses a bright outlook to make them more self-confident in working as well as communication with customers. Wearing Skechers women’s premium premix slip on sneaker can ease the nurses in every step and fix all the troubles that may be caused by any foot type. It deserves to be in the top of the nurses’ shopping list!

Have you ever concerned about taking care of your foot skin?


Is heel the place where you take the least concern in taking care of your body? The heels? Wearing shoes and who can see them? The heels? How to take care of them? The heels? Let it be.


No way. The feet deserves more than that because it is always a part of your body, which contributes to your lovely appearance as well as your confidence among everyone.

Let’s treat your feet more fairly. What do you think when your feet, especially the heels, have to work hard every day to help you accomplish everything?

A few small notes will help you have the heel which is ruddy, not dry and not chapped. Do try them immediately and see surprising results.

Washing your feet every day: It is so simple, right? Please use warm water and soap to wash feet. Pay attention to the area between the toes. Using a soft cloth will help wipe the skin clean and avoid from fungal growth.

Having manicure regularly: Nails which are too long will become full of “bacterial swamps”. Cut it short enough and also cut away old skin around the nail. This not only makes sense aesthetically but also helps remove microbial pathogens.

Using moisturizer: Have you ever wondered why your foot skin is so thick? Why is not your foot skin smooth? Then take a habit to apply moisturizer on your foot from today and, of course, you should apply it when you are on the bed. Wear one pair of socks before you go to sleep. You can also use coconut oil as an effective foot lotion but still money saving. You should not go barefoot, even indoors. Make for yourself a pair of soft and comfortable slippers.

care 1

Massaging your foot: Massage your foot with any altar you like. If you do not have any oil, use sesame oil in your kitchen as well. Don’t you know, sesame oil contains very good active moisturizers, so you should use it every day.

Soaking feet into warm water: Soaking your foot in warm water mixing with a little of lemon juice will help the blood circulating effectively. Lemon will help nail strong, clean the dirty residue.

Exfoliating: Please do it once a week with feet grinding stone. This helps the nutrients in moisturizer affect more on the skin.

Avoiding exposure to high temperatures: Soaking the foot or bath into too hot water also affects the skin of your feet.

Choosing shoes: Choose shoes that fit your feet. Do not choose too high or too tight shoes which are not good for your feet.

Choosing suntan lotion for your foot: Have you ever seen your foot burning and being dry by the sun at the areas which are not covered with the shoes? It is very unattractive and not good for the skin. Use sunscreen for your foot skin.

Let’s be the completely beautiful person in the eyes of everyone. Good luck!



Insuring security is an extremely important thing that families in apartments and in private houses or offices request as they have assets and treasured files to keep secret. A good system of security will have high – quality observing camera. This device will help you equip full of awareness of thieves and whatever happens around you. You can equip a Wireless Security Camera to increase the secure level. In this article, I will present 10 tips for choosing and setting such a secure system.


For choosing

There are several tips to help you choose devices of good quality quickly.

  1. Verify your requirements

Nowadays, you can look for so many types of cameras. They have different prices that are suitable for different groups of consumers. Sometimes, you only have to pay around 50 dollars for an observing camera but for many advanced products, you have to invest thousands of dollars.

In addition, even though many families can protect their houses at very high level of security without any camera, they still have some to inspect their kids or the maids.

For some people with more serious requirements, they will choose expensive items so that their inspection and observation are insured.

  1. Make a map under observation

Before buying a security camera, you can carry out some simple surveys on the areas that you need to mount cameras. The best camera should be placed where can cover the largest space or the most important positions. I will take some examples to illustrate.

  • For preventing intrusion and theft

To be able to prevent intrusion or theft, you will have to become a detective, from which you will determine where the thieves set their foot on firstly and where they will scour. In several cases, you will need more than one device if your house is large.

  • For observing activities inside the house

For the purpose of observing your maids or kids, you only need one or two cameras mounted in the kitchen and in the living room. These are places that they often walk back and forth. You can lock your own rooms and do not require the maids to clean or tidy up these rooms.

  1. Camera focal

Estimating suitable focal is not simple for us on the grounds that it is a matter of technique, mechanism and arithmetic. When you have determined where the camera is placed and verified the average distance from the lens to every point observed.

To measure exactly, we should use a surveillance Wireless Security Camera lens online via computer. Based on what is measured and the observed area, you will be able to test the suitability of the camera’s focal with the real distance you require in order to get clear images and appropriate exaggeration of each camera. This is very important to help you have high-quality videos recorded by the camera.

  1. Analyze the compatibility of camera and environment condition

Setting up a system of cameras is also affected by the environment condition. Indoor and outdoor features are totally different so types of camera suitable are also different.

Also, the material of furniture in your house may have an impact on the durability of a camera. Take industrial wood material as an example. Suppose that you mount the camera on the main door that is made of industrial wood. Under the wet weather, there will have mold and rotten debris on the door, which entices insects such as termite. Such insects will settle down on near the camera or right on the lens. As a result, the lens cannot record any more until you remove the nest.

  1. Some types of cameras

Disguise and dome camera is of the most popularity. The former type is very small so that people cannot figure it out. Thanks to this characteristic, it is often placed in front of the house and even in an opencast position.

About the latter camera, it is often mounted in areas that are crowded such as supermarkets or groceries. However, this camera should be decorated on the grounds that customers may feel uncomfortable as if they are followed and inspected.

A dome camera often has a metal shield and glass layer for covering so that it cannot be destroyed. This type can suffer from both inside and outside condition.

  1. Camera’s resolution

Cameras of high resolution allow you to see clearly every detail in the images and videos recorded. Therefore, the higher the resolution is, the better quality of camera you have.

As usual, medium level of resolution is about 480 pixel; lower is 350 and higher is around 550. The resolution that is as high as 550 pixels will provide you with a high quality   of videos. In addition, if you want to have the best image, camera megapixel and cameras that have super – high resolution are suitable.

  1. Additional light for cameras

Almost all types of cameras have no additional light to help observe more obviously. However, for an IR camera, you can absolutely take advantage of infrared light supply without any adjustment. The light will be bright automatically when the camera is put in weak – light condition.

  1. Wireless or cable – camera

A lot of people who buy cameras for the first time are attracted by the concept: wireless camera due to the great attraction of new technology. However, you should know that when the design is innovated, the quality of recorded images can decrease considerably.

Furthermore, wireless cameras will work less effectively if you turn on too many phones and use them to surf the internet. Using such a camera still needs a cable on the grounds that it requires a tool responsible for sending and receiving data. It means that you will have to pay more money for it.

For setting up

  1. Choose supplier and installer

Frankly, you get what you pay for. Therefore, don’t hesitate to choose one good supplier when you want to set up a security system. It is better to remove from your mind the thought that you will look for a cheap camera as I am certain that those devices are not durable and cannot help you figure out anything from the recorded videos.

Contacting a prestigious supplier then ask them to give an expert to help you set up this complicated system. They will always listen to your problems and shares then will give you useful advice.

  1. Assign the time for meeting and setting

I think that to have a perfect system, the installer should visit your house twice. For the first time, they will have a quick look at every potential position for each device. They will have a good preparation for the setting on the second time.

To ensure everything goes as your schedule, you had better assign the time to be the most suitable.

As you can see a person will be very confused when they have to prepare for a Wireless Security Camera system as they have to consider too many aspects. If there is no instruction, they may get stuck and choose to buy a device randomly. However, I believe that 15 minutes spent on this post, you will save a lot of time learning and searching by yourselves.


Road Bike Sizing

If you are on the lookout for a Best Single Speed Bikes, you might want to consider what typical size bike is right for you.

Getting your Road bike sizing is not overly difficult as long as you keep a few things in mind.

This website is dedicated to making it as easy as possible so that you dont need to spend a long time sorting it out and as a result this should mean that yopu have more free time to enjoy your new bike with.

On the pages that follow you will find everything you need to know.

choose bikes


Why Is Road Bike Sizing Important?

  • Safety. First and foremost, if you are less likely to have an accident if your road bike sizing is correct, but this applies for any style of bike. If you are comfortable you can easily concentrate on what is happening around you are will not be prone to concentration lapses.
  • Speed. A road bike will be faster in certain setups and you can usually tell by looking at it . for example, if the handles are lower and quite far away from the seat then this would be faster than if they were closer and higher up. Of course, this is a fairly distinct style and if its one that interests you then if you dont get it right, it can be uncomfortable, especially over longer periods.
  • Effort. You will find it much easier to cycle for longer if you have a good sized bike. You can use the road bike sizing chart that is shown later on to decide which would be the best for you.

What else is there to bear in mind about road bike sizing?


It doesn’t stop there either – there are many reasons why you should look to get an appropriate sized road bike, some are more common sense than others.

Most people will want to protect their purchase especially when it is not uncommon to spend 3 or 4 figures on a bike.

By paying a little extra you can often pick up the best road bike to suit your uses. Here are also a few more reasons to do so;

  • Comfort – there is no point in spending your hard earned cash if you are not going to be comfortable on the bike you decide to get. While you can usually get away with generic sizing and me comfortable enough you might find that a quick measure up persuades you to change the size you get (again refer to the road bike sizing chart that follows).
  • Value for money – if you dont get on with your bike, the chances are you wont be using it very much or will forget about it all together. This doesnt make a particularly good investment. Take a minute to ensure the bike you purchase isnt too small and is the right size to reduce the chance of this happening. (of course, you will still have to stay motivated).

Choose the right size frame

One of the most important things to get right is to choose the right size frame for your road bike. In order to make a reasonable estimation on the correct size for you, please use the bike sizing chart below. You will need to use your inseam and height measurements as the keys shown on the frist 2 columns and you will find the frame size in the last.

This is not the be-all and end-all of sizing and should be used as a guide because everyone is different and some measurements might not suit be totally accurate for a small minority


Table to help choose your frame size
Height Inseam Length Bike Frame Size
4’10” – 5’1″ 25.5″ – 27″ 46 – 48 cm
5’0″ – 5’3″ 26.5″ – 28″ 48 – 50 cm
5’2″ – 5’5″ 27.5″ – 29″ 50 – 52 cm
5’4″ – 5’7″ 28.5″ – 30″ 52 – 54 cm
5’6″ – 5’9″ 29.5″ – 31″ 54 – 56 cm
5’8″ – 5’11” 30.5″ – 32″ 56 – 58 cm
5’10” – 6’1″ 31.5″ – 33″ 58 – 60 cm
6’0″ – 6’3″ 32.5″ – 34″ 60 – 62 cm
6’2″ – 6’5″ 34.5″ – 36″ 62 – 64 cm

Of course, road bike sizing isnt all about frame size.

Road Bike Sizing - Choose the right size frame

To get the most comfort out of your road bike, you have started to take the right steps into getting the road bike sizing correct. However, you still have some more decisions to make, such as the type and style of seat, the wheels, and the weight. If these are of no interest to you, then you can use the above chart as a guide to buy your road bike, but otherwise, you might want to look at the other pages on this website for some assistance and advice to help you choose.

What’s the Best Vacuum Cleaner on the Market?

Okay, the answer to the question about the best car vacuum cleaner above may be subjective, but as a prospective owner of a new vacuum cleaner you have to know the ins and outs of a certain product you want to buy so that you can get the most out of it. With numerous products available on the market today you’ll have a difficulty to choose the best one that suit your needs out of many advertised products. That’s why this guide was put together to help you select your new vacuum cleaner that will meet your needs and criteria.

Why Use an Automobile Vacuum Cleaner 17

Why Use an Automobile Vacuum Cleaner 17

Ultimate Guide to the Best Vacuum Cleaner on the Market

  1. Best vacuum for pet hair.​

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in various types; and you have to be fully informed about them including their pros and cons, features and functions if you intend to buy the best one. The following are just some of the most popular types of vacuum cleaner today:

Upright vacuums

Upright vacuums

1 .Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Considered as the most popular among the different types of vacuum cleaners, the upright type offers numerous possibilities to users. It has a lot of features and designs, making it capable of handling numerous cleaning tasks. This vacuum cleaner is powerful enough that it is capable of cleaning rugs and carpets with tough to clean and find pet hair, dust and dirt. There are even upright vacuum cleaner models that are ideal for cleaning wood floors.

Among the many things that you can expect from buying this type of vacuum cleaner are excellent suction features that strengthen the airflow, making the machine capable of handling carpeted and large homes. You can also pick from either the corded and cordless models.

Note, however, that there are disadvantages to using the upright type. One of these is that you may have a hard time reaching the edges and corners of your home since the cleaning heads tend to pull the air in front, instead of from the sides. This makes them unsuitable for removing the dirt and dust that have accumulated in your stairs.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

2. Canister Vacuum Cleaner – This type features a long wand attached into the canister which helps in simplifying the vacuuming tasks. One advantage of this machine is that it is light in weight and is powerful enough to work on various cleaning tasks. You can use it in almost all types of carpets. The canister vacuum cleaner can also be used in cleaning and maintaining the good condition of floors without carpet.

The flexibility of the canister vacuum cleaner is also one of its strongest points. It is flexible enough that you can easily maneuver it in all parts of your home, including your stairs. It is also portable and easy to store. It has attachments and long power extensions that make it ideal for complete room cleaning. It also works well with tiled and wood floors. You can choose from either the bag-less or the bagged type if you decide to purchase the canister vacuum.


Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

3. Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Stick vacuum cleaners are popular because of their lightweight nature. Note, however, that this type has a low suction power; in fact, it has the lowest suction power compared to the other vacuum cleaners. It features a long stick design, which is the reason for its name. It is perfect for cleaning areas with light carpets, bare floors and area rugs. It is also easy to store. Note that while it is incapable of replacing your full-size vacuum cleaner, stick vacuum works efficiently in replacing your broom and dustpan.





Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Among the strengths of handheld vacuum cleaners are their inexpensive price, portability, compact size and design and lightweight nature. You need to hold this vacuum in your hand for cleaning. Many homeowners decide to purchase this affordable machine because it allows them to easily move from one room to another when cleaning. You can also use it to clean sofas, carpeted stairs and car upholstery. Other tasks that you can successfully accomplish by using the handheld vacuum cleaner are removing up the dirt and dust from your car and picking up pet hair. Most handheld vacuum cleaners are bagless and feature a motorized brush and washable filter. The only problem with this type of vacuum cleaner is that its power is lesser compared to the larger types.

Handheld Vacuum CleanerHandheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

5. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – This is considered to be one of the most advanced vacuum cleaners to date. It has a lot of advanced features and technological functions. It works efficiently in cleaning up pet hair, dirt and dust by just touching the appropriate button. Most users of this machine also find it very convenient to use; this holds true for those models with remote control operations. Some models are also programmable, meaning you can schedule a specific cleaning time for them. This highly advanced vacuum also features infrared sensors that are capable of calculating the size of your room which requires cleaning. The sensors can detect the boundaries of the room and figure out the amount of time needed for cleaning. Its advantages include its time-saving functions and ability to reach tight and hard-to-reach parts of your home. The problem with these automated vacuums is that they are expensive and unsuitable for cleaning the stairs.

What to Look for when Buying a Vacuum Cleaner?

With the hundreds of vacuum cleaner types and models available at present, finding one which is right for your needs may seem to be daunting; but if you are fully aware of the things that you should look for in a vacuum cleaner, the whole buying process will become easier. The following are some of the things that you should consider prior to buying:

  1. Reasonable Price – Instead of going for the most expensive vacuum, consider finding reasonably priced models with high-end features and functions. You will know that you get real value for your money if you purchase a vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor, excellent suction ability, a wide range of features and functions and durable enough that it can last for a long time. Check vacuum cleaner reviews so you will know which model is equipped with great features and available at a reasonable price.
  2. Amps – Another vital factor to consider is the amp of the machine. However, buying a vacuum cleaner with the highest amp is not recommended. Keep in mind that you can get lower amped models that have the same cleaning ability as the models that feature higher amps. It is also crucial to note that the performance of a vacuum cleaner model is fully dependent upon its received airflow, overall design and the suction that it produces.
  3. Warranty – Another factor that you should consider before making a buying decision is the warranty. Make sure to purchase from a brand with a reasonable period of warranty. The standard warranty for vacuum cleaners is 1 year, but there are also providers that have more than 5-year warranties. Pick a machine with a warranty that covers labor and parts. It is also advisable to read vacuum cleaner reviews to ensure that you get one which is capable of lasting for a very long time (preferably more than twenty years).
  4. Bag or Bagless Vacuum? – You also need to decide whether you need the bag or the bagless vacuum cleaner; note that both models have equal cleaning abilities so your choice between them will be a matter of preference. If you plan to buy the bagless cleaners, then take note that it is beneficial because it saves you from the hassle of buying extra bags. However, there are instances when you will find this model messy to empty. You will also need to spend time cleaning the dust containers and filters regularly.Vacuums that feature bags, on the other hand, have a feature which effectively stores dirt and dust after capturing them. However, you may find it tricky to get back any object in the bag when it is sucked by the machine accidentally.
  5. Attachments – You also need to find a vacuum cleaner which has all the attachments and functions that you will most likely need. For instance, you need a model with a motorized power nozzle if you plan to use it to vacuum rugs and pile carpets. It must also come with a floor or wall brush so you can use it for cleaning bare walls and floors. Air conditioning and heating vents are also useful attachments because these are effective in removing dust from your drawers.If you need to clean beneath your large appliances, then the crevice tool or attachment is useful. Pick a model which also features an upholstery attachment to clean car interiors, curtains, upholstered fabrics and mattresses; and a dusting brush to get rid of dust from your moldings, lampshades and blinds. Make a list of all the attachments that you need from a vacuum cleaner to ensure all your requirements are met.

Buying a vacuum can be a daunting process. The prices of different models may climb quickly; and there are hundreds of models to choose from. Learn more about the different types of vacuum cleaners, as well as factors to consider in choosing the best vacuum cleaner to boost your chances of making a wise and satisfying buying decision.





In much of the world, people are struggling to merely survive to the next day. Education, technology, and opportunities to better their situation are not available to them. Through recruiting, training, and mobilizing an international network of compassionate, Christian professionals and students from fields such as engineering, technology, and the sciences, Global Appropriate Technology Ministries (GATM) provides free technical services to people and organizations of or who are working in impoverished regions of the world. GATM seeks to educate its network, and others, about appropriate technology through university student chapters, seminars, conferences, and online resources.

What we mean by Appropriate Technology

Our appropriate technology is technology customized for each people group and is engineered with the design constraints of cultural acceptability, environmental and financial sustainability, technical maintainability.

“But whoever has the world’s goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?”     I John 3:17


Engineers, like many other professions, have a special knowledge and gift to share. As the western developed world becomes more advanced every day, the plight of those struggling for the basic necessities should be of greater concern to us. They might be on another continent, but how can we be indifferent to our brothers and sisters dying of disease from lack of clean water when we know how to help them? We do not believe in aid. Handing out technology and material goods to those who have no ownership or responsibility is not wise. However, we endeavor to partner with and assist those who are striving for a better life and hope for the future, but might not be able to do so alone. Engineers with a Mission, the engineering branch of GATM, is currently made up of three programs: our university student chapters, the Compassioneers Network, and the sending agency. Find out more about these programs under our Join Us page.

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70210

The Hoover T Series UH7210 is a great candidate for the best cordless vacuum cleaner for dog hair.

A wonder that comes with an affordable price, the Hoover T-Series UH70210 is yet another remarkable product that helps manage unruly pet hair in any floor type.

5-position carpet height adjustment technology enables you to clean all types of floor from carpets to bare ones.

Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool – powerful suction provided by the machine along with the outstanding rubber blades work together to conveniently remove dog hair and any other hair for that matter to promote a cleaner and healthier home for all its occupants.

Maneuvering from hard floors to carpets or vice versa can be easily done by the brush roll shut of pedal.

This model also boasts an easy and impressive storage. An embedded automatic rewind cord can stylishly wind the cord (which is actually 27-feet) back inside the machine. Furthermore, making storage as easy as a snap is made possible by the fold down handle making the unit suitable for small spaces.

The days of manually checking the unit is officially over. Thanks to the embedded system check indicator, you now have a machine that will remind you whenever the HEPA, carbon, and rinse-able filter already needs to be checked or cleaned.

And it doesn’t end there, eliminating dog hair and other dirt elements is further assisted by on board tools that includes 1-inch extension wand, pet hair turbo brush, pet furniture nozzle with rubber blades, and the crevice tool.


NutriBullet 14-Piece Nutrition Extractor 600 Watt Blender Juicer NBR-1401 Nutri Bullet 

NutriBullet 14-Piece Nutrition Extractor 600 Watt

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Reviews: 308 customer reviews
  • Price: $83.59 (save 20% or $21.40)
  • Shipping: FREE!

Want to effortlessly pulverize vegetables, fruits, protein shakes and super-foods? The NutriBullet 14-Piece Nutrition Extractor 600 Watt Blender Juicer NBR-1401 NutriBullet could be an excellent bet.

What are the benefits of this product?

This model is equipped with a strong 600-watt motor fortified with a powerful high-torque power base.  This means that you can easily pulverize ingredients such as those mentioned above along with all other ingredients that you know.

The motor power base is not just the only feature that this product boasts. The blades are very popular thanks to its cyclonic action and patented design! The power of the motor paired with the blades’ cyclonic action makes ultra-smooth beverages and delectable recipes in just mere seconds.

Is the Product safe?

The NutriBullet 14-piece Nutrition extractor is BPA free. This means that the product is made with safe plastic materials that are not harmful to you as the consumer. Non-toxic plastics ensures safe consumption and imposes a healthy approach to the environment. Furthermore, the product is also free from phthalates and other harmful chemicals.

What are included in the package?

The package includes:

  • 600-watt power base
  • 2 short cups
  • 1 tall cup
  • 1 non handled lip ring
  • 1 handled lip ring
  • 1 milling blade
  • 1 extractor blade
  • 1 flip-top to-go lid with mug
  • 2 re-sealable lids
  • Manual
  • Natural healing foods book
  • Pocket nutritionist

Bottom line?

The NutriBullet 14-Piece Nutrition Extractor 600 Watt Blender Juicer NBR-1401 Nutri Bullet is asuperb kitchen machine that can effortlessly shred skins, crack through stems, open seeds, and most importantly – access and extract all hidden nutrients in the food. This model is capable of breaking down food in its most digestible state, thus being able to boost your energy level and promote optimum health.